Time is running out to pass FOI into law. Let us do it now!


UPDATE May 27 July 9 – We are happy to note that from 849 signatures when our friends in Manila contacted us on May 14 the number of those who have signed the online petition has now reached 6,518 8,552 (June 2 9am) 15,353 (July 9, 5pm) and more signatures are added every day. We […]


Temporary Protected Status for Filipinos residing in the US


Filipino Australian community leaders could take a lead from their counterparts in the United States in staging a unified community action to further help our kababayans, especially those in Australia working with 457 visas. Secretary Kerry offering a toast in honour of Philippine President Aquino, Malacanang Dec 17, 2013. [Photo: US State Department] US Filipino […]


How to submit a press release online

This is post #8 in our series of short articles on news writing and press releases. The seven earlier posts, some written as early as three years ago, are: * On flyers, press releases and community events * Things we need to know about media alerts and media releases Tips in writing a media release […]


On flyers, press releases and community events

Shortly after we shared our article, “Things we need to know about Media Alerts and Media Releases“, we received feedback in our private emails saying that the article is pedantic. Differentiating the two may appear pedantic, but knowing their difference is a major step to getting better results, or having less frustrations. Unless we know […]


Things we need to know about Media Alerts and Media Releases


If you are into public (or press) relations for a community association, knowing the difference between a Media Alert and a Media Release will increase your chance of getting results. A Media Alert is an announcement of an upcoming event (press conference, book launch, grand opening, groundbreaking, significant speech, photo op, etc.) It serves to […]