Get ready now for WordPress 2.9 and beyond

Just when self-hosted bloggers are about to get warmed up to having WordPress version 2.5 – 2.7 (Yes, there are still those who are using version 2.5!), here comes the news that WordPress 2.0.x is already deprecated and retired.

By “deprecated” is meant that WordPress 2.0 is no longer supported especially for the very important security aspect.

In fact, according to Mark Jaquith in his post at the blogsite, it is the security aspect that is the main reason for not continuing the WordPress 2.0.x legacy branch until 2010 as previously announced. It is going to be a mammoth task, according to him, to port all security enhancements initiated during the last couple of years to WordPress 2.0.x branch.

A massive scope of security improvements will be core to the WordPress new versions.

If you are a self-hosted individual blogger, website developer or site admin, what this means is that you should now upgrade to the latest version of WordPress which is version 2.8.2 or for those running Fantastico in their control panels, to version 2.8 at least.

So how are you doing with your WordPress install? What is preventing you from jumping to the latest version of WordPress?