How to hide posts on the front page

Your site runs on WordPress and you want to hide posts which belong to certain categories or sub-categories from your front page, search or archives.

That should be an easy task.

These days, there are a number of WordPress plugins developed for that purpose and here are three of them:

Front Page Excluded Categories – Excludes posts in one or more categories from appearing on the front page. You can assign these posts to an excluded category so they don’t appear on the front page, but do appear in a category page.

Simply Exclude – Provides an interface to selectively exclude/include categories, tags, authors and pages from the front page, archive, category or tag, search and feed functions used by WordPress.

Advanced Category Excluder – Hides some unwanted categories from defined parts of the blog including the front page. This plugin can override WordPress default search results, RSS feed listing, category listing, recent post, tecent post widgets and entry pages. If you wish, it can also hide whole categories of posts from web crawlers.

Why exclude posts from your front page?

Two reasons:

1. You want your site with a CMS like functionalities and you want to separate post by categories in the front page or hide some unwanted categories.

2. You are using an automated posting system that updates your blog regularly which is good for SEO reasons, but you don’t want these posts to appear in your front page. So, you assign these posts to an excluded category.

So, how are you coping with categories in your site?


  1. says

    Hey, thanks allot, I’ve been searching along time for a plugin that would exclude posts from the front page.

    By the way your link “Front Page Excluded Categories” is dead. I happened to find it by doing a plugin search in the WP plugin directory.

    Thanks Again!!!!

  2. Jon says

    The last link (the plug-in) worked great. The first link didn’t provide me with anything whilst the second failed me (although, I think that’s more my fault). The third one – perfect. Had to use it to move my blog posts from randomly anything to technology.