Safer Internet Day quiz – a learning tool for everyone

Yesterday’s Safer Internet Day (SID) was the campaign’s tenth year. From what we gathered, it is celebrated in nearly 100 countries. In Europe alone, there are a total of 30 countries that mark the day with support from the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme.

I am happy to note that one of our websites, The Filipino Australian, is one of Philippine-related websites that supported the international campaign for safer internet usage. In fact, as of this morning it was indexed topmost at Google when using search terms “Safer Internet Day filipinos philippines”.

Although the main focus of this year’s SID campaign is on children with the slogan “Connect with Respect”, everyone regardless of age can play a role in helping to make the internet a safe place.

The organisers of the worldwide SID said that the key is “to look after yourself and look out for others when you are online.” In line with that objective, UK Safer Internet Centre has developed a quiz to test our knowledge of internet safety. The quiz is actually more of a teaching tool.

There are four sections to the quiz, namely: social networking and instant messaging, enjoying content online, gaming, and mobiles.

Yes, I did take the test. My score? I failed in gaming, as I anticipated. On the three other areas, there is no question that I probably know as much as others who have been in the business for years.

But I must admit, there are always new things that we appreciate are brought to our attention to enrich our knowledge.

Why not try the quiz and test your knowledge of internet safety?

The quiz is fun and educational. It will display what you scored after answering a set of basic questions on online safety.

As a learning tool, it provides handy tips on areas where you can improve.

Why not click here to take the quiz, and then come back to this page and we can exchange notes. (From here, the quiz will open in a new window.)