“Salawikain” and “Ng / Nang” SEO ranking shows the way

If the ranking and visits of “How to correctly use ng and nang” and “Salawikain” are measurements of readers needs for Filipino language resources, then these two posts are fulfilling their reason for being.

Using very general terms like “ng nang” and “salawikain” when doing a Google search, the two posts are indexed among the Top 5 webpages.

In our own publicly available logs, the “ng nang” post was displaying 49 FB likes and 24 comments with more than 20,000 visits as of date. “Salawikain”, only one of many Filipino proverbs posts at emanila philippines, has also a good take: 189 FB likes with 253 comments.

Judging from readers’ unsolicited comments, most of the “salawikain” visitors are young.

Here are the links: “How to correctly use ng and nang”“Salawikain”