The services I offer are:

Website Strategy

I can help you develop a web design and structure that is relevant and appealing to those who are viewing your site.

Internet Marketing

So you have created a beautifully designed blog or website, but does it receive any traffic? Let me show you how to promote your site in a way that maximizes your exposure and at the same time, remain in compliance with anti-spamming legislations.

Website Audit

I look at a website like any other business operations which should be regularly reviewed and assessed if, for example, it is achieving the goals you have set for it. Your website should also be evaluated in terms of design, style, content and functionality and see if it can be improved.


If you would like to avail of my services in website strategy, internet marketing or website audit, my current rate is $175 per hour exclusive of service tax and other incidental expenses where applicable.

What differentiates me from other web consultants?

You will agree that not many web consultants have extensive experiences in areas like banking, finance, auditing and management. And I consider myself one of the few who have these experiences which I bring in to a consulting engagement ~ whether you ask me to share those experiences or not. They are already built into my knowledge base.

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